Complete digital workflow including 3D printer

Digitizing dental prostheses: a complete digital workflow.

Digitizing dental prostheses used to be a very expensive process and only profitable when making lots of scans. With the brand new Sprout Pro G2 from HP that's a thing of the past!


Duplicating an existing prosthesis takes just a few minutes. The original prosthesis is placed on the 3D Capture Stage and the software does the rest. The created scan can be easily edited on the supplied software, without further need for licenses or experience and exported to file or print. All in 1 device, without further costs.

"The Sprout Pro G2 offers an affordable, workable and applicable alternative to the many expensive scan-solutions currently available for the dental industry."

-Casper van Beers, Van Beers Tandtechniek

Why Sprout Pro?

There are several alternative dental scanners available, both inter-oral and standard (box)scanners. So why use the Sprout Pro for dental scanning?


  • Duplicating an existing prosthetic in under minutes
  • Digitizing a full workflow on a powerful PC
  • Digitizing stock of plaster- and study models
  • Create individual trays from scan, using Autodesk Meshmixer
  • Create trays based on impression scan
  • No need for extra PC and software, no license costs!


Besides offering scan solutions, the Sprout Pro is also a very powerful Windows all-in-one workstation PC. A number of dental labs is therefore using the Sprout Pro as well for patient administration and other PC tasks. The touchmat and touchscreen on Sprout Pro can be cleaned easily with water or alcohol. And a very important argument: the Sprout Pro is an affordable solution compared to mostly expensive 3D scanners for the dental industry.


The Sprout Pro by HP is a great tool in any dental lab and any dentists office.

Bite registration with a 3D print after scanning with Sprout Pro
Sprout Pro fits in any treatment room!

Buy and Try

Will the Sprout Pro work for you as well? There's a simple way to test this for yourself! Order your Sprout Pro and we'll ship it free of charge to you including our dental workflow.


Don't like it? Send it back to HP within 90 days for a full refund. More details on the Buy and Try here.